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"Truth on the Stage: How to Create Belief in a World of Lies!"

This is an after school workshop, offered to any BHS Drama students interested in expanding and refining their acting skills. There are only 25 spots available on a first come, first serve basis. This will be held in the BHS Black Box Theatre, 2:00-4:30pm. If you are interested see Ms. Glass to sign up for a spot ASAP! 

Here's a little more information about the workshop in the words from the teaching artist, Tim Behrens...

The workshop usually begins with an eye opening participate/observe experience I call "Truth on the Stage: How to Create Belief in a World of Lies!"

Then, some physical warm-ups and basic self-expression exercises from the fundamental texts of acting: Viola Spolin, Nellie McCaslin, Keith Johnstone. Often, we concentrate on the breath and voice, since these are frequently overlooked or under-emphasized.

Reacting and awareness of others are fundamentals of the acting craft, and I use numerous exercises and theatre games (from "mirror" work to story building to body surfing) that can help each student become less self conscious, and more at ease with other individual and group goals.

The following are explored: looking, searching, discovering, listening, negotiating, taking a stand. These ACTIONS help the student Work With Others to build a character, and accomplish tasks on stage that lead to an experience with theatrical reality.

With more accomplished students, class members will use improvisation in short scenes built on specific situations to test and refine this new awareness. My objective is to familiarize class participants with some of the tools of the acting profession, to give each opportunities to use some of these tools, and then to allow them to build on that base. (All this with as much joy and humor as possible!!) If the workshop can incrementally broaden the imagination or the skill base of one or a dozen students, I will consider the time a success.”

Tim Behrens can be seen on Saturday October 18th at the Northshore Performing Arts Center in the Patrick McManus comedy "Poor again... Dagnabbit." A fun and exciting family friendly performance. For more information and tickets visit

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